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What Makes A Tyre Road Legal!

There has been a change to the way MOT examiners are to interpret the rule that applies to enduro tyres. It used to be that if the spacing between the tread blocks was greater than the size of the tread blocks the tyre would fail an MOT test. The amendment to this rule now states that as long as an enduro tyre is 'E-marked' and carries the letters 'MST' on the sidewall, the tyre will now pass an MOT test. Be careful, not all FIM approved tyres have MST on the sidewall and so will still fail an MOT. Each product will be identified as to its suitability for road use.

Tyre Fitting Guide Tyre Fitting Guide

Having trouble fitting your tyres! Not many of you would admit to enjoying this task. The following pages will show you how to fit tyres in approx. 15 minutes, without puncturing your inner tube! You dont believe me, then take alook. . .

Michelin Off-Road Tyres

Michelin Bib-MousseMichelin Bib-Mousse

Designed exclusively for off-road competition, the bib mousse foam rubber insert replaces the inner tube. Made up of a honeycomb structure, it prevents punctures caused by perforation, shocks or pinching.
Supplied with instructions and a tube of gel. Available in varoius sizes.  


Michelin Enduro Comp TyresMichelin Enduro Comp Tyres

The most successful road legal tyre in European Championships, with winning grip on all types of terrain and the potential to sustain multiple events. Used as a rear tyre, it can be matched with the Enduro Comp 4 front or the motocross range depending on the terrain. FIM and ACU approved.

Road Legal 


Michelin AC10 TyresMichelin AC10 Tyres

Michelins road legal motocross tyre MST & E-Marked.
Road Legal 


Michelin S12 Motocross TyresMichelin S12 Motocross Tyres

The S12 Motocross tyre is recommended for predominantly soft ground, the combination of high tread blocks for deeper mud penetration and wide spaced blocks to prevent clogging make this an ideal soft terrain tyre. Tube type. 


Michelin M12 Motocross TyresMichelin M12 Motocross Tyres

The M12 Motocross tyre is an all round tyre offering maximum damage resistance on hard ground with superb grip and mud clearance on soft ground. Tube type. 


Michelin MS3 Starcross Motocross TyresMichelin MS3 Starcross Motocross Tyres

The MS3 Motocross tyre has a reinforced tread block base, scoop shaped design, and the zig-zag alignment of shoulder blocks, together with increased block spacing and the 'M' block system gives this tyre maximum grip on light to medium ground. Tube type.
Includes Junior Starcross. 


Michelin MH3 Starcross Motocross TyresMichelin MH3 Starcross Motocross Tyres

The MH3 Motocross tyre is much the same as the MS3 with the addition of a grooved centre block for double efficiency, solid extended blocks and a reduced gap between the tread blocks which combine to give this tyre maximum surface contact. This tyre performs well in all but the extreme wet, but is at its best in medium to hard conditions. Tube type. 


Michelin Trial Competition TyresMichelin Trial Competition Tyres

For years the Michelin range of trial tyres has given riders all they need to beat the competition in world or local events. Trial competition tyres are available as the tubed type cross-ply version and are MST and E-marked.
These tyres have to be ridden to appreciate their outstanding performance. Also an ideal choice for those Enduros that specify trials tyres.

Road Legal 


Pirelli MT43 Trial Competition TyresPirelli MT43 Trial Competition Tyres
These trials competition tyres can be used for tubed or tubeless rims and are E-marked for road legality.
These tyres offer great performance on hard, wet or dry terrain and even indoor events. They have a reinforced carcass to reduce deformation and maximise their footprint on all terrain.
P Rated for speeds upto 93mph.
Also ideal for those Enduros that specify trials tyres.

Road Legal 


Extra Heavy Duty Inner TubesExtra Heavy Duty Inner Tubes

The tube is one part of the bike which gets fitted, and then forgotten about until a tyre change or a puncture. Like any other part of your bike it should be regularly cleaned, maintained and checked for wear.
These heavy duty tubes have been developed specifically for motocross and enduro and are much thicker than most heavy duty tubes and in our opinion as thick, if not thicker than the rest, this enables them to soak up high impacts without splitting. 


Heavy Duty Inner TubesHeavy Duty Inner Tubes

These inner tubes are a quality heavy duty butyl rubber tube (not natural rubber like most) and are at a price you can afford. 


Alloy Die Cast Rim LocksAlloy Die Cast Rim Locks

These rim locks are a high quality die cast alloy body with moulded rubber flap to protect against abrasion of inner tube. Ideal for applications that require low tyre pressures. 

Price:  £9.95 / €11.54 Including VAT at 20%


Tyre Changing Rig With Bead BreakerTyre Changing Rig With Bead Breaker

How many of you struggle to change your tyres ! Well not any more, with this rig the wheel is held, which allows you to concentrate on the job in hand, with the added bonus of a bead breaker.
Suitable for 16" - 21" rims including SuperMoto.
Colour - Red  

Price:  £79.99 / €92.80 Including VAT at 20%

Tyre Changing "Bead Buddy"Tyre Changing "Bead Buddy"

This tool prevents the tyre bead lifting back off of the rim when you get to that last third, the most difficult part.
It hooks over the rim and around the spoke preventing the bead from pulling off. A simple but very effective tool.

Price:  £9.50 / €11.03 Including VAT at 20%

Inner Tube Valve PullerInner Tube Valve Puller

This has to be a must have, a tool that stops you taking the skin off of your knuckles when trying to fit the inner tube valve through the rim hole !
Just thread the wire through the rim hole and screw into the valve, then pull the valve straight into the rim hole - job done.

Price:  £10.16 / €11.80 Including VAT at 20%

Tyre PasteTyre Paste

Tyre changing paste, helps make that tyre change much easier. Allows the bead to slide over the rim when fitting and pumping up.
Supplied as a 2.5kg tub (which lasts forever) 

Price:  £17.87 / €20.72 Including VAT at 20%

Rim TapesRim Tapes

A standard rim tape to protect your inner tube from spokes etc.


Price:  £1.50 / €1.74 Including VAT at 20%


Rim Protectors Rim Protectors
Protect those rims when changing tyres, from digs and scrapes from tyre levers, with these plastic protectors.
Price is for a pair 

Price:  £4.96 / €5.75 Including VAT at 20%

Tube Accessories

(A) Inner tube 4-way valve tool.

(B) Motorbike puncture repair kit, contains patches and adhesive etc.  


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