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Step 1 - Removing Your Inner TubeStep 1 - Removing Your Inner Tube

  • First of all remove the inner tube valve and deflate the tube.
  • Undo the rim lock, leaving the nut on the end of the thread.
  • Now completely break the bead away from the rim using a bead breaker or tyre levers
  • Starting opposite to the rim lock start levering the tyre off the rim. At this point always ensure that the side opposite to that you are working is pulled into the spoke recess. This will allow the tyre to move across to the side that you are working and thus allowing it to be removed much easier.  

  • Step 2 - Removing The TyreStep 2 - Removing The Tyre

  • Having now removed the inner tube. Turn the wheel over and following the same bullet points mentioned in step 1, lever the tyre from the rim.
  • Whenever fitting or removing tyres directly on the ground, always remember to work with the brake disc top side. This will prevent any damage occuring to the disc. 

  • Step 3 - Tyre Fitting Preparation Step 3 - Tyre Fitting Preparation

  • Inspect the rim, rim tape, spoke nipples and inner tube for any irregularities before commencing with the refit.
  • Clean all components and lubricate the bead of the tyre, ready for fitting. 

  • Step 4 - Refitting, Side 1Step 4 - Refitting, Side 1

  • Insert the wheel into the tyre, rim lock first.
  • Now is the time to make sure the tyre is being fitted in the direction that you require.
  • Once again, ensure the bead is set right into the spoke well of the rim and the tyre will lever on easily.  

  • Step 5 - Refitting, Side 2 Step 5 - Refitting, Side 2

  • Now turn the wheel over. Before fitting the inner tube, slightly inflate the tube to the point that it will still droop over your arm. This will help stop the tube being caught between the rim and the bead when fitting.
  • Insert the tube, valve first.
  • Now lubricate the tyre bead. Start fitting the tyre at the rim lock first, once again ensuring that the bead is set right into the spoke well. This is important at this stage.

  • Step 6 - Dont Pinch That Tube!Step 6 - Dont Pinch That Tube!

  • Now you have got this far, you dont want to pinch that tube. So, as you lever the tyre make sure that the tyre lever doesn't go much past the vertical. Pinches are caused by letting the tyre lever go too far over.
  • You may need to use your foot to stop the tyre bead riding out from the rim at the opposite end.  

  • Step 7 - Now The Hardest PartStep 7 - Now The Hardest Part

  • You will now have arrived at the most difficult part, the last quarter!
  • Instead of levering three inches of tyre at a time, you will now need to lever one inch at a time. You will find that this will enable you to easily fit that last part. 

  • Step 8 - Finishing OffStep 8 - Finishing Off

  • Now that the tyre is on, you havent quite finished yet !
  • Using a lever pull back the tyre and check that the tube has not been caught between the rim and the tyre bead. If it has, try inflating the tyre and deflating, usually this will free it. This is quite important, due to the fact that most rim pinch puctures (while riding) are caused by the tube being caught while fitting or through compression punctures.
  • Finally, pump the tyre up to seat the bead onto the rim, tighten the rim lock, then set your tyre pressure. For most off-road riding/racing a pressure of 12 - 14 psi is suitable.

    Hopefully this guide will help you identify those areas where you may be going wrong, some of you may use slightly different methods, but all the key points are generally the same.
    Happy tyre changing !

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