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Workshop Hydraulic StandWorkshop Hydraulic Stand

This stand is a must for any serious bike mechanic or enthusiast, no more back breaking work or sitting on cold floors.
  • Hydraulically foot pedal operated
  • Rubber top mat
  • Fully CE approved
  • Locking footrest springhooks
  • Locking safety bar
  • Lifts bikes from 340 - 890mm
    Price includes shipping for the additional weight. Colour may vary 

    Price:  £159.95 / €185.54 Including VAT at 20%

  • Removable SidestandRemovable Sidestand
    These sidestands are basically the same as those supplied with new Mx bikes, they allow the bike to be left stood upright by inserting the stand in either the rear axle or in the frame cradle. Fitting in place/removal takes seconds. 

    Price:  £15.95 / €18.50 Including VAT at 20%

    High Rise StandHigh Rise Stand

    • Foot operated dirt bike stand.
    • Minimal exertion required, big advantage for those with lifting difficulties.
    • Ideal for pits and workshop, allowing maintenance to be carried out with the bike raised and level.  

      Price:  £44.95 / €52.14 Including VAT at 20%

    Pro Spoke WrenchPro Spoke Wrench

    One wrench fits all
  • Interchangable tips - 9 various spoke sizes
  • Main shaft is CNC machined aluminium
  • Tips are made from heat treated steel for strength 

    Price:  £16.75 / €19.43 Including VAT at 20%

  • Spoke KeySpoke Key

  • 6 in 1 spoke key, this spoke key will fit six different spoke sizes.
  • It is small and compact.  

    Price:  £5.50 / €6.37 Including VAT at 20%

  • Tyre Changing Rig With Bead BreakerTyre Changing Rig With Bead Breaker

    How many of you struggle to change your tyres ! Well not any more, with this rig the wheel is held, which allows you to concentrate on the job in hand, with the added bonus of a bead breaker.
    Suitable for 16" - 21" rims

    Price:  £79.99 / €92.80 Including VAT at 20%

    Tyre Changing "Bead Buddy"Tyre Changing "Bead Buddy"

    This tool prevents the tyre bead lifting back off of the rim when you get to that last third, the most difficult part.
    It hooks over the rim and around the spoke preventing the bead from pulling off. A simple but very effective tool.

    Price:  £9.95 / €11.54 Including VAT at 20%

    Tyre LeversTyre Levers

    • Good quality tyre levers are a must as they make what can be a difficult job into a much easier one.
    • They are made of hardened steel, with a double compound curve
      and the moose bar is a must for those using moose inserts.
    • We have the three most commonly used available.  


    Inner Tube Valve PullerInner Tube Valve Puller

    This has to be a must have, a tool that stops you taking the skin off of your knuckles when trying to fit the inner tube valve through the rim hole !
    Just thread the wire through the rim hole and screw into the valve, then pull the valve straight into the rim hole - job done.

    Price:  £9.95 / €11.54 Including VAT at 20%

    Front Fork Oil Level Adjustment ToolFront Fork Oil Level Adjustment Tool
    This tool is a must for those of you who want your front suspension working correctly and service them yourselves.
  • Just set the adjuster to the desired oil level required
  • Fill the fork leg with oil and bleed the air out
  • Place the tool onto the top of the open fork and using the syringe suck the excess oil out
    Using this method ensures that the oil level in both forks are equal.  

    Price:  £23.50 / €27.25 Including VAT at 20%

  • Heavy Duty Chain BreakerHeavy Duty Chain Breaker

    • This tool will remove links in any size motorcycle chain,
      and pushes the pin all the way out.
    • Spare pins are also available.  

      Price:  £23.50 / €27.25 Including VAT at 20%

    Shock WrenchShock Wrench

    • Rather than use those screwdrivers, try a proper wrench at a realistic price to adjust those shock springs.
    • On most bikes it does require the shock to be removed, or with MX bikes the rear sub-frame needs removing.  

      Price:  £7.96 / €9.23 Including VAT at 20%

    Hand Rivet Gun With RivetsHand Rivet Gun With Rivets

    This rivet gun has 4 different size tips to take the 75 various sized rivets supplied with it. This tool is ideal for instance, when your silencer needs repacking and the end cap needs riveting back on. 

    Price:  £7.96 / €9.23 Including VAT at 20%

    Cable LubricatorCable Lubricator

    • This tool makes lubricating cables easy.
    • Just fix to cable, connect an aerosol lubricant and the can pressure does the rest.  

      Price:  £4.96 / €5.75 Including VAT at 20%

    Plug SpannersPlug Spanners

    Four types to choose from:
    • 14mm Ratchet spanner for watercooled bikes.
    • 14mm, short reach plug spanner.
    • 12mm, long reach Four-stroke plug spanner.
    • 10mm Long reach four-stroke plug spanner incorporating a universal joint, suitable for YZ 400/426 etc.  


    Combination Internal/External Circlip Plier SetCombination Internal/External Circlip Plier Set

    This circlip plier set will enable you to remove the most inaccessible circlips. Supplied with 4 different interchangable tips, comprising of: internal, external, 45 and 90 degree, they allow 6 different useful combinations. 

    Price:  £7.96 / €9.23 Including VAT at 20%

    Tyre pressure gaugeTyre pressure gauge

    Three types to choose from:
    • Pencil type pressure gauge (low), reads 0-20 PSI for those low, race type pressures.
    • Pencil type pressure gauge (high), for normal type tyre pressures.
    • Electronic pressure gauge, easy to read LCD display, reads from 0-150 PSI accurately. Includes long life battery.  


    Feeler GaugesFeeler Gauges

    Metric feeler gauges for checking all those fine clearances. 

    Price:  £4.50 / €5.22 Including VAT at 20%

    Spring HookSpring Hook

    The spring steel wire hook will not only remove exhaust pipe springs with ease,
    but can be put to a multitude of other uses

    Price:  £5.50 / €6.37 Including VAT at 20%

    6-Way Flywheel Puller6-Way Flywheel Puller

    Ideal workshop tool, it will remove most commonly found flywheels.
    Sizes include:
    M10 x 1.25
    M14 x 1.5
    M16 x 1.5
    M18 x 1.5
    M24 x 1.0
    M27 x 1.0 

    Price:  £25.50 / €29.58 Including VAT at 20%

    Flywheel Holding ToolFlywheel Holding Tool

    A fully adjustable tool for holding flywheels or front sprockets while removing/replacing the fastener.

    Price:  £17.95 / €20.82 Including VAT at 20%

    Clutch/Flywheel Holding ToolClutch/Flywheel Holding Tool

    • This tool makes life easy when trying to carry out those awkward jobs.
    • It is designed to hold clutch baskets, flywheels, gears and sprockets etc. when trying to remove tight nuts.  

      Price:  £22.96 / €26.63 Including VAT at 20%

    5-Piece Screw Extractor Set5-Piece Screw Extractor Set

    This set will pay for itself the first time you need to use it. These various size extractors enable you to remove bolts etc. that have sheared off without damaging hole threads.
    Extractor sizes are: 1/8"-1/4" 1/4"-5/16" 5/16"-7/16" 7/16"-9/16" and 9/16"- 3/4"
    Comes with plastic case. 

    Price:  £3.95 / €4.58 Including VAT at 20%

    Safety Wire Locking PliersSafety Wire Locking Pliers

    • Safety wire locking pliers give a quick and professional method of securing all those important components on your bike.
    • They incorporate a powerful set of pliers with a locking mechanism, which grips the wire and a built in spinner to evenly twist the wire.  

      Price:  £25.00 / €28.99 Including VAT at 20%

    Torque WrenchTorque Wrench

    • These torque wrenches are ideal for motorcycles as they have a low start point of 10 ft/lb on their torque range.
    • This makes them excellent for tightening those critical torque settings, such as front fork yoke bolts accurately.

      Available are:

    • 3/8" drive, 10 - 80 ft/lb
    • 1/2" drive, 10 - 150 ft/lb
      Both come in a tough plastic case  


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