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Voltage RegulatorsVoltage Regulators

Here we have quality universal 6volt & 12 volt regulators for your lighting system.  

Price:  £34.94 / €40.54 Including VAT at 20%


Spark Plug Caps

  • NGK spark plug caps come in various shapes and sizes, these are the most common.
  • (A) NGK long reach 30 degree
  • (B) NGK short 45 degree
  • (C) NGK short 90 degree
  • (D) Rubber water resistant  

  • Spark Plug Caps

    Universal HT CoilsUniversal HT Coils

    These HT coils are a universal replacement for those used on many bikes. They are available to fit both 6v and 12volt systems.  

    Price:  £18.89 / €21.91 Including VAT at 20%


    Handlebar Switch Unit
    This durable compact handlebar lighting switch is plastic and comes pre-wired. It has two separate switches:
    Lighting: Low Beam/High Beam/Off and Horn OR Kill Switch.
    Wiring Code:
    Red: Lights Live in
    Yellow: Hi Beam
    Green: Low Beam
    Blue: Tail Light Live
    White & Black wires : Horn or Kill

    Price:  £26.99 / €31.31 Including VAT at 20%

    Handlebar Switch Unit

    Handlebar Lighting Rocker Switch Handlebar Lighting Rocker Switch

    A nice compact plastic light switch, with just On/Off ideal for Enduros or for those Twin Halogen headlamp units which dont have a dip beam filament. Bar mounted and pre-wired.  

    Price:  £12.95 / €15.02 Including VAT at 20%

    Engine Kill Switches

    A wired universal kill switch to replace your OEM switch.  

    Price:  £9.14 / €10.61 Including VAT at 20%

    Hydraulic Rear Brake SwitchHydraulic Rear Brake Switch

    This switch fits into your rear hydraulic brake mastercylinder in place of the banjo bolt. Ideal for those converting off-road bikes for road use. 

    Price:  £18.23 / €21.14 Including VAT at 20%


    Alloy Horn

    Available in 6v or 12v, 70mm diameter with an output of 100db. 

    Price:  £7.50 / €8.70 Including VAT at 20%

    Alloy Horn

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